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Our Team Shares Their Work From Home Tips!

Everyone has their own technique when it comes to working efficiently from home. Our ToucanTech team shares some of their favourite tips for a productive day!

Alexandru S.
Web Developer 

1. WFH Beverage: Orange squash
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: I have a corner desk, big enough to support my 3 monitors and PC unit
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Half-hour nap, I'm a sloth
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Sweat pants and t-shirt
5. WFH Tip: I listen to K-pop, it helps me focus and I practice Korean at the same time

Sam Bellringer
Data Director

1. WFH Beverage: Macchiato
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: Table in the bedroom (wife is working downstairs and the kids are trashing the rest of the house!)
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Home-schooling or Lego with my daughters (yesterday we made a Lego marble maze)
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Exactly the same as the office (let's not let the standards slip!)
5. WFH Tip: Divide the day into manageable chunks and targets. Work by the window. Stay connected with team video calls.

Kate J.

1. WFH Beverage: Earl grey tea and G&T (but only after 7 pm)
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: Anywhere with a power supply where I can lock myself in (and kids out)
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Making lunch - avocado on toast is a favourite quick-to-make snack
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Block colour jumper (works better than patterns on video calls!)
5. WFH Tip: Get some fresh air at some stage - even just sitting on the front doorstep to make a phone call

Karlo S.
Senior Web Developer 

1. WFH Beverage: Beer 
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: Rooftop 
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Stretching in the garden 
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Same as for bed. 
5. WFH Tip: Noise cancellation headphones and killer look in the eyes so no one dares to ask you anything while you're working.

Michaella U.
Marketing Manager

1. WFH Beverage: I've been blending lots of fruit recently! My favourite is an Avocado Smoothie, I blend one small avocado with a cup of milk (I like to use oat milk)
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: In the garden, but only when the sun is out
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: I've taken up gardening and recently planted some carrots. I like to check up on my seedlings whenever I get the chance
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: I've been living in my Pikachu onesie
5. WFH TipSetup a dedicated working space (try not to work from your bed, I did this on the first day and ended up with a stiff neck)

Pauline U.
Customer Support Manager 

1. WFH Beverage: Green tea
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: Couch
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Shower
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Cheetah Print Gown
5. WFH Tip: Have a schedule or Routine. Don't forget to take a break!

Manal A.
Data Migration Developer

1. WFH Beverage: Matcha latte
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: My bedroom (I work in bed or on bean bags)
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Cooking or watching series
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Pyjama and robe
5. WFH Tip: I can't answer this one as I have no tip

Sophie J.
Product Director

1. WFH Beverage: Tea (or possibly a G&T if I'm working late!)
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: My office - aka the spare room
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Playing with my 2 little boys or a sneaky choc bar
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Jeans and jumper - it can be cold in my house!
5. WFH Tip: Don't procrastinate - stick to your planned hours and work efficiently - and avoid grazing in the fridge ;)

John Martin
Head of Training & Customer Relations
1. WFH Beverage: Yorkshire tea 
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: My little desk in the living room
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Make another cup of tea 
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: My comfy slippers 
5. WFH Tip: Break up the afternoon with a virtual tea break with friends & colleagues. Excuse for more tea. 

Duncan K.
Commercial Director

1. WFH Beverage: I start every day with a fruit smoothie.
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: I love my £50 IKEA Pello armchair. Elbows on armrests, laptop doing exactly what it was born to do.


3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: I walk my dog, Millie, around Finsbury Park.

4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Oversize grey cardi
5. WFH Tip: 

Sian S.

1. WFH BeveragePlain old tap water or Earl grey tea
2. Best Place in House/Flat to workThankfully I have a little office that I love
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: It will involve my 2 kids (3 and 5 yo) and probably a feeding time at the zoo scenario, not sure I'd describe it as my 'favourite', but needs must...
4. Go-to WFH OutfitJeans & a top
5. WFH TipTry to divide the day into blocks of time/ tasks, for me shorter blocks work better than long ones. Sometimes I move around the house with my laptop to where the sun is shining or a warm spot...a change of scene can be inspiring.

Amy S.
Product & Design Executive

1. WFH BeverageChai tea
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: A kitchen table
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Walk along the river and feed the ducks some oats or piano practice if it’s raining outside!
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Gym gear and a cosy jumper
5. WFH TipNoise-cancelling headphones and some good film scores!

Joao B. 
Technical Support Manager

1. WFH BeverageWater
2. Best Place in House/Flat to workBedroom desk
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Running
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Cotton sweatsuit
5. WFH Tip: Eat clean, you don´t wanna be Garfield after Quarantine.

Mehdi J.
Product Manager

1. WFH Beverage: Water - it's important to keep hydrated!
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: On a desk set up in a quiet room.
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activityMeditation - it's good to clear your mind regularly.
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Shirt on top of pyjamas for a mix of smart and comfortable!
5. WFH TipRemember to look away from the screen regularly.

Luke H.
Data Analyst

1. WFH Beverage: Cup of tea (one sugar and plenty of milk) & a glass of Pepsi
2. Best Place in House/Flat to work: In bed till approx. 10, then at my desk
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activity: Talk to my flatmate, do the washing up, play the guitar
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: If it's sunny, a t-shirt and shorts, if it's not, t-shirt, pyjama bottoms and a dressing gown
5. WFH Tip: If you have trouble concentrating at home for long periods of time, shower at lunchtime as a sort of mental reset.

Amy D. 
Head of Sales

1. WFH Beverage: Lime Coridal & Sparkling water - been refreshing with the good weather we've been having! 
2. Best Place in House/Flat to WorkNear a window looking out to some green/garden space.
3. Favourite Mid-day Break activityDuolingo or pilates - got to keep it varied.
4. Go-to WFH Outfit: Comfort over style  
5. WFH TipStart your day at the normal time 

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